Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'm taking a quick break from work to have a little fun. I've been sitting in front of my laptop the whole day--my back hurts, my eyes are red from their workout, and my mind is racing and picking up the pace by the minute.

It's time for an impromptu number.

There are just 10 more days of summer left,
Making 9 staff members anticipate the start of a new cycle.
8 letters in the word creative,
7 in the verb explore.
6 women friends, both teachers and learners
In 5 classes,
or is it 4?
Takes 3 children to spell the difference.
2 classrooms that will hold children's smiles and laughters
in 1 school year, no less, no more.

I'm feeling: hopeful.
I'm listening to: Nirvana in my iPod.


Anonymous said...

Love your impromptu number! I'm feeling: overwhelmed.

tata.girl said...

may isa, may dalawa may tatlong mga titsers, may apat, may lima, may anim na mga titsers, may isang admin, tatlong staff members, sa creative explorers....:)

all together now....

giselle said...


Cassy said...

Hey Giselle - That Snow Patrol song you're playing kills me... I love it and placed it in my player. Are you done with school yet?

giselle said...

Cassy, this is the Snow Patrol song that "got away." I'm glad you like it. School in the Philippines starts around the second week of June 'til March, so we still have a week to prepare for the opening of classes. See you again here or there!