Saturday, June 21, 2008

The School Bell Rings Again

Nope, I didn't fall off a cliff or anything dramatic like that.

School started this week and I've just had to keep up with the rhythm of the new season. It's crazy how the ebb tide at work has once again stirred a whirlpool of internal doubt, uncertainty, and anxiety. But not to worry, I think I thrive best in an environment that lets me face my fears. Hopefully, I come out of it, scathed maybe, but a wiser and richer learner.

Anyway, it's been exciting to have the kids back in school, and I can't wait to see the walls peppered with their wonderful creations. The five-year-olds have been a joy to be with; I am floored at how candid but honest they can be. Many of the younger ones have adjusted to their school routines and took to their new world easily. Of course there are still some children who like the idea of going to school but are still mastering how to let go of their security blanket. Believe me, I know the feeling. But I know, too, that this will soon pass.

As we were busy dealing with our back-to-school blues, I finally got lucky reconnecting with some of my first batch of students who are in college now. Imagine, these now adults are still calling me teacher, when twelve years ago I had no clue if I was doing any teaching at all, whether I had more hits than misses in the pedagogical sense. I found the answer when each of them shared their own short story about what they remember most when they were first graders.

Meanwhile, my students from last year who are now going to the big school for the first time have their own success tales to tell about their huge transition. Their parents have been sending messages about how bravely they embraced their new role, how eager they are to learn, and how independent they have turned out to be. One mom said: She likes her new school and teacher but says will love you and Creative Explorers forever.

What a week it has been. In a word, it was a reunion for me. I got acquainted again with our present school community, reestablished communication with my former students, and most importantly, I was reminded again why I teach. It's not about the lessons written on my weekly plans; rather, it's simply the good and happy things that children learn about themselves that really matter.

I'm feeling: the passion again.
I'm listening to: the passion again.


Cassy said...

Hi Giselle, thanks for the link and post. Where are you that you're back to school in June? I'm done this Tuesday, and go back in September.

Anyway, back to school time is awesome - the possibilities...

giselle said...

Cassy, I'm here in the Philippines where there are only two seasons: dry and wet. With climate change now, maybe three: dry, wet and wetter.

Hey, enjoy your summer break. :)

Jayme said...

Hi Giselle! Glad to know you're feeling the passion again. Trying to do the same too. :)

This Brazen Teacher said...

Thanks for the add in the sidebar. It's very gutsy Giselle. Henry from Malaysia might get mad. Watch out for the Blog Police. ;)