Thursday, May 22, 2008

In The Company of Women

The teachers and I are on to something. We had agreed to improve on our faculty lounge, to make it more of a haven, a sanctuary that's separate from the battlefield that is the classroom. A safe room that we can run to when we want some peace and quiet. A time out that we call for ourselves.

Whether single, married, with or without children, we all committed to transforming the teacher's lounge into a sensual and soulful feast for the six teachers who will occupy it for the school year. For our well-being, not as teachers, but as women.

I like it.

Here are some ideas that we thought we could add in the room:
  • Eye candy such as flowers, a display of artwork and photos
  • Mood music to fill our tired ears
  • Mouth fest of sweets such as cookies, chocolates, and other yummy treats for sharing
  • Delightful scents like potpourri, candles, and oils
  • Feel-good pillows and fabric for the couch, quaint curtains
  • Soul food in the form of books, poetry, inspirational thoughts, or personal stories to tell
It's rather amazing how each one of us is able to relate to this need. We are so different and yet the same. Women.

I'm feeling: the need to pamper myself.
I'm listening to: the voice that's telling me 'Go!'

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