Friday, May 16, 2008

Separation Anxiety

New things are happening in my work life, and it's taking me all this time for it to finally sink in.

I won't be handling my own class this year ('though I'll be assisting in one) to fill in the big shoes of a partner who rightfully needs to find her own place elsewhere. I'm still thankful that I'll get to spend three hours a day inside the classroom; I cannot imagine not being able to be part of the fun, chaos, spontaneity, excitement, and the creation of masterpieces like these:

I'll continue doing my tasks as school director, but will take on the daily administrative chores that I thought I'd left behind when I quit being part of the corporate world ages ago. That means more office work for me, and so far, this is the hat I like wearing the least. So far.

New possibilities and ideas are brewing, too, about expanding for next school year--a progressive grade school is in the offing. But that's another topic altogether and the only thing I can say about it now is that the thought of it opens a whole new window (no, door) of opportunities for our professional growth. Must. Think. About. It.

I am currently experiencing separation anxiety from things familiar; it's a shift from frolicking in my comfort zone to diving into the deep unknown. But like what we tell our parents whose children are going to school for the first time, separation anxiety is just a phase that they go through in order for them to move forward. With the support of their parents, these young children will eventually learn to trust their new environment and realize that school is a fun, friendly and safe place to be. I should learn from this bit of wisdom because like our kids in school, I, too, am a creative explorer. I will find a way to make sense of everything that's happening around me.

I told my former partner at work the other day, these are good times. I need to believe that this is true for me as well.

I'm feeling: homesick with my kinder kids. Thanks, Kit, Josh, and Eljo for the illustrations.

I'm listening to: the chirping of birds outside my window, signaling that it's the start of a new day.


Jenny said...

Hi Giselle! Where is Creative Explorers located? I'm looking for a preschool for my toddler. :)

giselle said...

Hi, Jenny! The school is at 47 Visayas Ave., QC. Let me know if you're going to drop by. Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your music!! True masterpieces! What great artists!!

giselle said...

Thanks, Sara, as I love the artwork, photos and music in your site as well. See you again. :)