Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Piano Lessons

One of the chores I enjoy doing is bringing my daughter to her piano lessons.

Going to her class is bonding time for us--just mother and daughter, listening to our favorite music, singing along, playing silly, or sharing our thoughts with each other. We get to her school, she goes in, and for thirty minutes, it's alone time for me. While reading my book, the wind wistfully makes its presence felt, and I willingly bask in the warmth it gives me. My ears feast on the music that's ringing from the different corners of the place. It's a free piano, violin, or marimba concert and I am the awed audience.

My daughter comes out of the room, her look that of a joyful learner. She doesn't know that my heart is fuller.

I'm feeling: happy.
I'm listening to: Reisa's Fur Elise playing in my head.


Jayme said...

Hi Giselle! Hopped on over from the bloglog. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your daughter must be a very charming girl. Can't wait til I can take my baby girl to school too. :)

giselle said...

Hello, Jayme! The kids grow up so fast, you'll be surprised how soon her first day in school will come. Thanks for dropping by. 'Til next time. :-)