Saturday, May 10, 2008


When you start having kids, it's close to impossible pursuing things just for the fun of it. Having to keep up with the children's busy schedules and immediate concerns, there just isn't enough time for play, my play, that is.

Last year, though, I consciously made an effort to find time to do the things I've been putting off for a long time--things that give me sheer joy and pleasure. I know now that it's important to have my own space and time to nurture myself so that I can be a better giver to others.

My Current Play List:
  1. Website-seeing. Having DSL installed at home was well-worth it.

  2. Going to the gym. As the Lifehouse song goes, "It's easy to be who you are when no one knows your name."
  1. Jamming on the piano. More like playing chords while singing my favorite Dishwalla and Coldplay songs.

  2. iPod in random play. I like to be surprised.

  3. Reading more novels. It helps that I'm getting along with my new reading lamp.

  4. Watching DVDs. Please don't ask me about titles or actors, my memory always fails me.

Now if time or money were no object, I'd love to turn these dreams into reality.

My Play Wish List:

  1. Whitewater rafting. Grand Canyon this time, haha!

  2. A tour of Italy with Reisa. We'll have the best pasta in Naples, among other things.

  3. Beach + hammock + good book

  4. Learn to play chord embellishment on the piano. I'm too old for the classics.

  5. Learn to cook. If talent were no object, too. ;-)

Many times, it really doesn't take much to find leisure in the comforts of my own home. All it takes is a room to myself, drawn curtains, a fresh bed, and a mind that can shut down from all the worries of the moment.

I'm feeling: like having a cup of hot chocolate.

I'm listening: to the symphony of wind and rain on a summer afternoon.


tata.girl said...

Giselle! ahluvthuz! Congratulations!

i'm feeling: like wanting to dance to the music of the 80s. not just now, but for always. sigh.:)

giselle said...
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giselle said...

let's go! "i'll stop the world and melt with've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time..."

Melinda Zook said...

Just found your blog. Very much enjoying it. I hear ya on trying to remember to do things for yourself. Sounds like you are way ahead of me. I love the beach+hammock+book. I have to start making my own wishlist, something to definitely pursue!

giselle said...

Enjoy making your wishlist, Melinda! It's always a good place to start. Thanks for dropping by.