Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random Poetry

My mom and sister recently gave me this book, How To Have Creative Ideas by Edward de Bono. The book features 62 exercises that tap the mind into thinking creatively.

Here's one such exercise on poetry that's quoted from the book:
1. Obtain two random words.
2. The first word obtained gives the last word in the first line.
3. The second line of the poem ends with a word which you choose to rhyme with the first line.
4. The second random word forms the last word of the third line in the poem.
5. The fourth line ends with a word you choose to rhyme with the third line.

From the book's table of random words, the ones I got were brakes and end. Here it goes:

Step on the brakes
Do whatever it takes
Place a dot, put an end
I'm beginning to mend.

That was fun. And fast. And random. Or not.

I'm feeling: bloated from the junk food I ate all day.
I'm listening to: my daughter asking if she could use my laptop.


Jayme said...

That's a nice poem. :) Short but packed with a lot of meaning.

giselle said...

Sigh. Thanks, Jayme.